Embracing Solitude is a program designed to help you develop the skills necessary to make your time alone meaningful and worthwhile. Drawing from the latest research on psychological adjustment and emotional health, Embracing Solitude explains not only why solitude can be beneficial but also teaches you how to be alone. 

Embracing Solitude is structured as a weekly program aimed at increasing your ability to navigate the path of solitude. You can choose between two formats: meeting as a group led by a facilitator, or embarking on a self-guided path. Both formats include access to a program website that describes the skills for solitude in detail, accompanied by resources, practices, and opportunities for reflection. 

Whether you take the journey with a group or choose the self-guided option, along the way you’ll discover eight solitude skills, encounter three solitude milestones, and learn science-backed practices, resources, and perspectives that will support you on a path of self-care and self-discovery.

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